New Body Cams & Radios!

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New Body Cams & Radios!

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The Bangor Police Department would like to Thank the City Council for approving the purchase of New Radios and Body cameras.

(Source: Bangor Apple Press)

Bangor City Council Approves Police Radios

BANGOR — The Bangor Police Department will soon be aquiring five new state-of-the-art radios and two body cameras, after City Council members approved purchase of the equipment at Monday’s meeting.

GPS devices, software and training come with the body cams, Police Chief Tommy Simpson said. The radios that were proposed for purchase were demonstrated at a recent Homeland Security conference, Simpson said.

Current radios are outdated, and parts are no longer available, Simpson said. The cost of all five radios is $13,245, while the two cameras are $4009.85.

Some discussion ensued over methods of payment for the police equipment. Mayor Nick Householder inquired if the purchase could be made from the general fund, and if millage funds could be used to repay the City. City Manager Regina Hoover stated that the City accountant recommended not taking money from general fund. Mayor Pro-Tem Lynne Farmer and other council members suggested taking a line of credit, after seeking bids. Mayor Householder advised getting three quotes for the best interest rate. There were no further grants available for the purchase, Simpson said.

Proposals to buy the equipment, and to shop for the best loan to pay for the equipment, passed unanimously.

“The budget will be tight next year,” Chief Simpson warned, adding that this year’s budget will be used to make two more car payments on a currently-owned police vehicle. The radios were a timely purchase, while the equipment is available at the current price, Simpson added.